Port of Belfast

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK)

Stena Line, Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Norse Merchant Ferries are the operators that serve routes to Stranrear, Liverpool and Douglas from Belfast Port.

Norse Merchant Ferries and Stena Line provide daily sailings, while Isle of Man Steam Packet Company offers weekly sailings.

Stena Line Company

Stena Line is one of the world's largest ferry operators. Annually, over three million passengers travel on the Irish Sea with this company. The routes they provide are plied by 34 vessels. Stena Line serves 18 routes in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

From the Port of Belfast, Stena Line provides 10 daily crossings to Stranrear in the Dumfries and the Galloway region of southwest Scotland. Stena Line is the only company serving this route, with the voyage taking 1 hour, 45 minutes.

Vessels operating the routes to Stranrear are the Stena Voyager and the Stena Caledonia. The Stena Voyager can carry 1,500 passengers and 360 cars, while the Stena Caledonia can carry 1,000 passengers and 280 vehicles. Both of the ships have sufficient and comfortable facilities on board.

Norse Merchant Ferries Company

Norse Merchant Ferries operates routes each week between Belfast, Dublin and Liverpool (Birkenhead). The company operates modern and reliable vessels.

Norse Merchant Ferries offers 10 overnight sailings and five daytime crossings every week to Liverpool. The journey takes about 8 hours to reach Liverpool.

Ships that are currently operating include the Liverpool Viking, the Mersey Viking and the Lagan Viking. The Liverpool Viking can carry 340 passengers and was built in 1997, while both the Mersey Viking and Lagan Viking were delivered in 2005 and can carry 970 passengers. All vessels have excellent facilities.

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company provides two sailings every week to the Isle of Man. The duration of the voyage to Douglas is about 2 hours, 45 minutes. This route is only served in the summer season.

The SuperSeaCat II operates on the route between Belfast and Douglas on the Isle of Man. This modern vessel is operated by a crew of 26. The SuperSeaCat II can accommodate 690 passengers and 175 vehicles. The ship has a maximum speed of 40 knots and was designed to provide a high level of passenger facilities on board.

Belfast Port

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